Aug 08, 2024 7:15 AM
George Soukas, President/Owner of Regupol

George was born in Chicos, Greece and his family moved to the United States when he was 8 year old (1966). George grew up in Lancaster and upon graduation from high school he attended Millersville University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (1981). He later attended and earned his MBA degree from Tulane Univesity in New Orleans (1984). 

Upon graduation, George entered the world of public accounting first in Baltimore, Maynland, with at the time, Coopers and Lybrand and later in the Washington, DC office of KPMG. George worked as both an accounting autitor and a management consultant in public accounting.

George left KPMG as a consulting manager in 1989 to being a start-up venture (Dodge-Regupol, Inc). The new entity was a merger of the Dodge Cork family business and a German entity (Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk, GmgH.) George helped develop the original business plan while serving as Chief Financial Officer. During George's tenure the company grew from 33 employees to over 250 employees. George helped navigate the company  through several acquisitions and established regional presence in seveal locations throughout the country. Although the entity was exceptionally successful, the business owners had a difference of opinion on the direction of the company. Th US ownership wanted to bring on private equity and the German owners wanted the company to remain private and closely held. The ownership difference could not be resolved, and the German ownership was bought out in 2007.

After a very short noncompete period (2008), the German company experessed an interest in re-establishing operations in the United States. George was offered an employment opportunity to serve a Prestident of the new entity and an option to aquire ownership in the proposed new venture.. After full year of endeavors to locate a facilty, order manufacturing equipment, set up ERP systems, hire staff, and other start up challenges -- Regupol America began full production in February of 2009. Since its inception the Lebanon, PA based facility has grown to a 31- acre campus with nearly 350,000 suare feet of production space and 125 employees. The company's products are sold throughout North America.

Geoge taught dozens of classes as an assistant professor of Accounting at Millersville University. 

George served on numerous community and charity boads. George served on both the Lancaster and Lebanon Economic Development Corporations board of directors. George also served on the board of Lancaster Junior Achievement and ran several fundraisers for Big Brother/Big Sisters.

George served as Treasurer and now sevres as Vice President of Parish Council for the Annunication Greek Orthodox Church.

Geogre is married to Mary Jo who is a commercial lender for Fulton Bank. George has two children, Chris and Stephanie who live in the local area as well.

George is an avid runner. In a single year in 2006, George completed 12 marathons in 12 months. Goege ran marathons in 26 states including the Boston Marathon seven times. George is a private pilot and enjoys weekend flights with his family.