Discuss how Seisan helped clients like Armstrong, Sight & Sounds with innovation
Feb 27, 2020 7:30 AM
Charles Durham, President Seisan
Discuss how Seisan helped clients like Armstrong, Sight & Sounds with innovation

Charles Durham




Charles Durham, the President, and Owner of Seisan Consulting started developing web solutions in 1994.  Charles was the co-owner of Global InterNet Associates which was aquired by Exp@nets in September of 1999.  Charles was the Senior Vice President of the Exp@nets internet strategies group though 2001.   Charles re-connected with his business partner, Curt Tomlinson to found Seisan Consulting in 2002.  Seisan has become a premier provider of web, mobile and geospatial solutions under the leadership of Charles as CTO and now President.


Charles has led Seisan into technology innovations that were applied to a wide range of clients from local startups to Fortune 100/500 companies.  Hertz engaged with Seisan in 2006 to create some early IoT solutions for Hertz NeverLost connected devices.  Charles lead the team that created the back-end server solution for dynamic content delivery, over the air updates and asset tracking to keep the Hertz NeverLost devices running until they sunsetting them in 2017. 


Charles has worked with on a number of innovative projects integrating advanced back-end systems, IoT and specialized devices.  Seisan developed the Intel Connected Store for Intel's Solution Summit conference to showcase point of sales solutions such as their touch screen registers and barcode scanning devices.  Seisan has developed demo platforms for Verizon to showcase new Smart City technology and advanced AI camera technology for street parking locations.  Charles was involved in helping Verizon design IoT integration with remote IoT locking devices and development of the end user mobile applications for iOS and Android.


Charles through his work with Seisan is developing some of the latest technology in the areas of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Machine Learning.  Seisan technology was featured in November 2018 at the Breeder's Cup World Championships at Churchill Downs.  Charles and the Seisan team trained computer vision based deep learning models to recognize racehorses and integrate with the Jockey Club's Equibase system to overlay racehorse information on a 360 degree VR live stream.  This past March at the Arnold Sports Festival 2019, Charles showcased the Optimum Nutrition Virtual Reality Experience which was developed by Seisan.  This experience was a tradeshow contest that would transport the attendee to a virtual gym environment where they would do curls and squats for points.  The winner taking a large tub of the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Isolate product.


Charles has also been active in a number of organizations.  He was President of Phi Mu Delta during his time as an undergraduate at Lock Haven University.  He is currently active as an Alumni member of his local chapter and also has served roles on the National Phi Mu Delta level as a Foundation Board member.    Charles has been awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award of Phi Mu Delta of which there are only 15 members in the 100+ year history of Phi Mu Delta Fraternity.  Charles has been very active in the local tech community - starting the Lancaster UAV meetup and working with Make 717 maker space.  Charles has been a guest speaker at the New Tech Meetup of Central PA - speaking and demonstrating technology in Robotics, UAV/Drone technology and AR/VR.  Charles is dedicated to moving forward with technology, helping teach others and bringing high value to his team and his customers.