Jan 11, 2024 7:15 AM
Kim Waltz
Story of Waltz Vineyards

The vineyard has been in existence since 1997. Jan and Kimberly Waltz have invested lots of hard work, coupled with endless heart and soul in creating a world class multigenerational family owned winery in Manhiem, PA. 

Kim was born and raised in Susquehanna County so she was not originally "a local." After completing her bachelor's degree at Penn State and her MBA at West Chester University. Kim met and married Jan Waltz, a fellow Penn State alumni and 5th generation Lancaster County native. With entrepreneurial spirits and agricultural backgrounds,they were determined to start their own business and raise a family in Manheim, PA. 

In 1997, Jan and Kim began planting vinifera wine grapes and established a reputation of premuim grape growers in Southeast, PA. For many years, the Waltzes sold their handpicked fruit to 10 wineries throughout PA.

In 2009, after many garage vintages and with four children in tow, Jan and Kim opened Waltz Vineyards Estate Winery. Today, the Waltzes operate a large retaitl store in Kitchen Kettle VIllage and a tasting room in Manheim adjacent to the winery.They produce 150 tons of fruit on 33 acres at the home farm and manage two satellite vineyards in Lititz.

Today, with the second generation on board, Waltz wines can be found in over 50 restaurants, breweries and distilleries throughout PA. Their private wine club offers exclusive benefits to its membership.