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Special Presentations:
Sal Franqui – Presented a $2500 for Mi Casa from the Sunrise Club
Subject: Boy Scouts…                   
Speaker:Sal Franqui (member of club)   
Introduction by:  Steve Bell
Sal described how he got into the Boy Scouts… His dad wanted to be in the scouts back in Puerto Rico and also tried to get involved when moved to Brooklyn but neither worked out… He did however; get his son, Sal’s brother, involved in scouts in their town of Brooklyn. 
Scouts is the largest outdoor organization in the world.  It was actually started in the UK.  Sal is responsible for approx. 2800 adult volunteers in the Harvest District.  There is currently no funding from any other source (United Way, etc.) for Lancaster County.  Lebanon still supports Scouts from United Way.
Sky Reach is a program targeting at risk after school children.  There are programs in Annville, Maytown, Lebanon, and Lancaster City.  There are 3 traditional troops in Lancaster City plus the Sky Reach program that serves 400 boys. 
Last year 16 Eagle Scouts were given out and 10 came from Troop 99 in Manheim Township.  The first Eagle Scout given in Lancaster County was given to Ed Mack, a member of the NE/Sunrise Club.  Camp Mack was named after him. 
Way to go Sal and Ed Mack
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Guests: Justin Manning, PNC; Friend of Bill Weik from Penn State Hershey; Celos Mesias
Visiting Rotarians: 
LNE Rotary Meeting Leaders:
■    Invocation: Don Holm
■    Song:  America
■    Music:
■    Greeter:
Happy Dollar Highlights:
■    Katie
−     Middle Sister got married
■    Dave
−     What a difference a day makes
■    Steve
−     Abby graduated Warwick – going to Pitt for nursing
■    Steve Torrance
−     Grace graduated MT… Gone to Senior week
■    Bill
−     Trip to Maui. 1st time deep sea fishing and only one to catch a fish
Announcements & Reminders:
−   Looking for Non Food Vendors Please volunteer or volunteers will be selected
■    Steve
−   Car show needs Sponsorships
■    Sale
−   Tonight’s Build Date for Mi Casa 5:00 pm
■    Chris
−   Dave’s party is coming soon… please give checks to cover drinks
■    Oz
−   Meghan Mihaljevic will be here as the MT scholarship winner following her sister’s path (Taylor)
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Dave Neslund pulled the 8 of cubs which resulted in a torn card and  leaves the pot over $250.00.
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