Chris Fitz from ADVOZ presented a local case file that highlighted his organization mission of counseling instead of strong punishment.
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Pot is now at $400 !
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PGD Ken welcomes Celso Mesias and John Jascoll into Sunrise Rotary.
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Happy Dollar Highlights:
■    Ken
−     Tree just missed house when it fell
■    Sal
−     Son finishing summer camp. Going to West Virginia for Jamboree
■    John
−     Delighted to be a member
■    Dave
−     Pleased for all the new members
Announcements & Reminders:
■    Steve
−   Car Show Committee meeting after meeting
■    Larry
−   Clubrunner Invoices went out. Contact him with questions
■    Beth
−   Committee list for those interested on tables, List of all district clubs and times came out and are on tables, Thank You notes came in from those supported
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The dues invoice for the Rotary year 2017-2018 have gone out. Please contact Larry if you did not receive one. The mailing address to submit payment is

Lancaster Sunrise Rotary

1466 New Holland Pike

Lancaster, PA 17601-5649

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