Thank you to Dr. James Argires for his service to our country and for sharing the highlights from his recent visit to South Korea. Dr. Argires was chosen as one of 12 from PA/40 from the USA as an ambassador for Korean War Veterans for a special event/visit to South Korea in September of this year. Veterans from 15 nations were invited to participate. One of the highlights of the week was meeting President Moon and his wife during a special luncheon and event at the Olympic Stadium that evening. He said everyone was so hospitable, grateful and welcoming to them throughout the visit.
Dr. Argires is involved with the Korean War Veteran’s Association and mentioned that they are having a fundraiser here in Lancaster on Sunday, January 13th as part of their efforts to raise $13M across the country for the Wall of Remembrance to be placed behind the existing monument in Washington DC. Here’s the link to the event in case you are interested.